I am a Boxer breed enthusiast, who is completely nuts about her dogs.  They are my companions first and foremost, and show dogs second.

My life with Boxers started in 1989, and I have spent the intervening years studying the breed, continuing to learn something new every day.  It is important to me that each puppy produced have good health, proper temperament, as well as the cosmetic good looks that make a Boxer like no other!

As a breed enthusiast, I do participate in conformation showing (like Westminster on television).  Every time I breed my goal is to produce the next generation to show -- a dog (or a bitch) that embodies the Breed Standard.

Because not every puppy born is destined for the showing when we breed, companion puppies are available.  These companion puppies benefit from the same careful attention to detail that their "show potential" siblings do.  Only very carefully screened homes, that will love them as much as I do, for an entire lifetime, will be considered.

I ask many probing questions, am strict with conditions of placement and refuse to place puppies in a same gender household (on a case-by-case basis), nor will two littermate be placed together.  This does not always sit well with some, but my first concern must always be the future well-being of the puppies I have created.

In that effort, all companion puppies are placed under written contract, terms of which include: (1) mandatory spay/neutering, (2) limited AKC registration, and (3) guarantee of health.

I am a member of the Granite City Kennel Club and the Minnesota Boxer Club, and follow the American Boxer Club Breeder's Code of Ethics.  This generally means puppies are not always available.

If you are interested in Boxers and want to be put on my waiting list, please fill out this application.  Incomplete applications are immediately discarded, all others are kept on file until such time as the applicant requests removal.

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