Boxers at Westminster Kennel Club

Boxers have a long history in the U.S. and have been very successful at our premiere dog show, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show - the second longest continuously running sport in the country (second only to the Kentucky Derby).

Here are some Westminter Boxer statistics. For more cool Westminster facts, visit that site at .

The Boxer competed in the Non-Sporting Group from 1924-1935, before being moved to the Working Group in 1936.

Boxers hold the most Westminster records of any breed in the Working Group.

Most Group wins - 23 - Boxer 

Most consecutive Group wins - 5 - Boxer (1954-58) 

Most Group placements - 47 - Boxer 

Most consecutive Group placements - 19 - Boxer (1940-1958) 

Current streak of Group placements - 6 - Boxer (1998) 

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